Roles and Requirements

Thank you for your interest in becoming a crucial part of our goal. Listed below are the available roles volunteers can fulfill, along with the requirements necessary for successful efforts. Please note that, along with the role-specific items, all volunteers will be required to complete the following:

Background Check
Fingerprint Clearance Card
Standard Interview Process

If you meet the role-specific items, and are comfortable with meeting or fulfilling the above, contact us to get started!


Adult Assistants

Assist coaches with game fundamentals
Two days per week commitment
Able to communicate rules of conduct and etiquette with team and parents
Assist in maintaining equipment and uniforms

Peer Assitants

High school and college students willing to be trained


Adult Tutors

Available between 4PM-6PM
4 hours per week (2 hours Tuesday, 2 hours Thursday)
Experience/desire working with youth
Qualified to teach basic skills

Peer Tutors

Students excelling in a subject area (math, reading, science, social studies)

Community Service

All Ages Volunteers

Familiar with South Mountain Community
Able to motivate people
Assist with supporting community projects
Build relationships with the community
Follow directions and problem solve

Career Development

Student Goal Setting For

College prep Technical prep Career counseling

Parent Support For

Financial Aid Resource Availability College Applications FASFA Financial Workshops